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How to be a mentalist (and save a life)

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I hope you're visiting this site for reasons other than to learn some cheap magic tricks or to listen to some Las Vegas entertainer brag about how his observation skills are much higher than yours. I'm also hoping your priority isn't  learning to "blow people away" as one web site puts it. 

Instead I hope you're here because you are honestly interested in increasing your people skills and mental acuity while heightening your memory, deduction and ability to discern truth from fiction while developing observational skills to such a level that you not only greatly enrich your life but the lives of many people around you as well. Whether you wish to build up others, ease your  pain or that of another human being, whether you want to expose wrongdoing, exonerate the innocent or just have a whole lot more challenges and fun in life, you'll certainly enjoy my course in How to be a Mentalist (and Save a Life).

That's what I believe, anyway. If you're like me, you've had more than enough from entertainers, show offs, hobbyists wanting to make a buck, psychos (whoops, I meant psychics) and the Great so and sos who at best promote watered down courses that lack any true mentalist or people skills and at worst promote deception and devilish arts. And these things such people do while the world cries out in suffering around them. If you buy books from this crowd in hopes of being a mentalist who can help people (as in the TV show) it is very possible you will find yourself being disappointed, usually before you finish reading the first ten pages.

In the interest of providing the maximum value to you I have taken considerable time and effort to go further into the subject of mentalism (and its use to help others) than what you will find online today. What you can expect to find after dozens of hours searching "how to be a mentalist" is but a tiny fraction of the total knowledge base mankind had accumulated since biblical times. 

A course thousands of times better than any other "How to Be a Mentalist" you'll
find. . . . guaranteed.

I know that what I am publishing in this course has not been published online or in hard copy (and perhaps never will be) and is literally thousands of times better than what can be found on the net or in the library today. I am taking this opportunity to offer these life changing secrets in the hope you'll take the opportunity to receive them. 

In this course you will to more effectively listen to others and gain rapport and favor with them. You'll learn to easily discover if someone is lying or not based on the very words they use (even if you aren't present!). This is more effective than reading nonverbal clues taught in many books today. Uncover any deception or withholding of information. 

Learn to ask questions to get at the truth.

You'll learn to remember anything at will - for as long as you wish, whether it be people, places, things or any type of information. For students, you can expect your study skills to dramatically improve.

My course will also teach you to breathe in such a way so you can withstand cold and heat more than before. Reduce stress and physical pain in yourself and in others. Learn to eat so you heal yourself, increase your energy and enjoy good health regularly.  

You will learn "Jeremiah's Wall" the impenetrable shock absorber that allows you to be immune to any criticism. Learn also to bring healing (both physical and emotional) to others through your words!

Easily learn to read people's level of comfort, confidence and sincerity by how they position their body. Learn to read their emotions and clues that tell you about their personal background.

How to be a Mentalist and Save a Life teaches you how to direct your thoughts, questions and efforts correctly so you become skilled at resolving problems, mysteries and disorderly situations.

How to be a Mentalist Course

I personally guarantee that my course How to be a Mentalist (and Save a Life) will train you in mentalist and life saving skills (and their application) better than any other mentalist course you'll find. Not only this, you will also find that this course will motivate you and inspire you to help people with your skills and leave the world around you better than it was before.

Launching July 1st, 2012!


Using Statement Analysis  VS Observing Nonverbal Clues

How to be a Mentalist and Save a Life

How to be a Mentalist